Korea trip

For a week and a half, I traveled to Korea to gauge the level of interest for the Jesus Film Media tools by bringing awareness to our tools and hopefully finding new digital partners for our organization. I was mainly targeting large church networks and missions organizations in Korea who can join with the Jesus Film Project in reaching the lost by leveraging digital media.

As I met with many Korean churches and missions groups I simply wanted to help each one of them understand what it means to have a digital strategy and as a result hopefully find future digital partners who might be best suited to utilize the JesusFilmMedia digital tools. In the course of a week, I found three new partners who were open or ready to utilize our tools. This blew me away. If that wasn’t enough, my team back home noticed a surge in the number of people who were downloading our apps and traced it to the traffic coming from Korea. Korea was on top, above the US and Brazil (for number of downloads per country), while I was in Korea. Amazing.

I’d have to say that everything indicates that Korea, as is the US, is ready for a digital revolution in the mission field. Korean and American missionaries are ready to take the internet to the mission field to make God’s Word and other spiritual resources available to the world.

Subway station sign-how I got around
Korea CCC headquarters
map lit up by locations where KCCC is making an impact
Had the privilege of getting a personal tour of the KCCC campus by Rev Park
IT missions seminar attendees
many missionaries had already been familiar with our tools but were learning about our digital tools for the first time
I taught in detail how our apps and digital tools could be used in the field
many missionaries wanted extra time to learn how to be more effective in the mission field
I also showed missionaries about all of our extensive library of videos
I had great fellowship with missions and church leaders during my stay in Korea.

Houston – Korean Pastor’s House Church conference


Being in a room full of 800 pastors was an honor that I won’t forget. These pastors had traveled from far and wide to humbly learn how they could better shepherd their flocks and serve God’s Kingdom. It gives me great joy to know that pastors would do all they could to love their churches better. What can you do to love the church better?


This is Pastor Tadaki from Los Angeles. He is a pastor of a Japanese American church that is wildly catching on throughout the city using the House Church model so he came to Houston to learn how to do it better. At the time the picture was taken, I was teaching him how to use the JESUS FILM MEDIA app in his personal ministry and his church missions. Please pray for Pastor Tadaki and many others who are faithfully shepherding God’s people around the world.

A lesson on PRAYER from my daughter

Right now, my daughter is really into praying at every meal. I mean REALLY into praying at meal time. We usually pray 3-4 times each meal because  she enjoys getting to shout ‘PAY!’ and hold Julie and my hands spontaneously (thats ‘pray’ for those of you who don’t speak toddlers). Then I noticed that when we pray in toddlerese she would repeat the names of people that she might know, which naturally has led me to pray out loud more and more for all the people that she’s met that day.

This has had a side benefit because in doing this everyday I have realized how important it is to be praying for people that we run into and ESPECIALLY for the people that you work with or see regularly. I’ve been convicted of how I need to be praying for my teammates and coworkers that I rub shoulders with everyday.

As a result, I have been praying more for my leaders lately. Not just the President and Directors that I don’t know or never speak with, but my supervisors and their supervisors that I often ask a million things for. And you know what? Its been wonderful.

I love getting to pray for wisdom and guidance for my bosses because instead of feeling resentment, bitterness, cynicism, disappointment, frustration or whatever when working with them I can ultimately trust God with my requests and see them not as people to get stuff from but other brothers and sisters who are on the same journey as I am in trusting Him.

So who can you be praying for?

Welcome to our new site!

Welcome to our new site. We hope to keep you informed about our ministry and what God is doing as a result of your support.